About the RESTART project

In a nutshell

If you are a community leader who wants to bring a positive change into the surrounding society, we are here to help and guide you. RESTART+ Communities is here to provide support for community leaders who feel the need for their community advancement. We will provide you with training tailored to the urgent needs of your community, equip you with knowledge and develop the skills you need to succeed in your journey of transformation.

Our aim is clear:
In Restart+ Communities we work together to create innovative learning tools and resources which equip leaders of community groups, public authorities and educational institutions with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt a transformative approach to community reactivation.

We want to engage leadership of voluntary & community sector as well as local public authorities together with VET colleges & HEIs to share their expertise in respective areas.

For further information, please get in touch with:

Padraig Gallagher
Alliance Leader (RESTART IE)
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