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About the RESTART project

In a nutshell

We are RESTART. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start over, we are here to help. RESTART is here to provide support for entrepreneurs who have experienced set-backs in previous businesses. We will provide you with training tailored to develop the skills you have already gained from previous entrepreneurial ventures as well as providing you with the new skills you need to succeed. We believe past business experience is a learning curve from which to accomplish your goals and to grow on both professional and personal levels.

Our aim is clear:
We strive to generate an attitudinal and behavioural change towards second-time entrepreneurship, by facilitating a business and education focused environment that values and prioritises learning from previously unsuccessful entrepreneurial ventures.

We want to enable Vocational and Higher Education Institutes (VETS & HEIs) to offer improved training to second-time entrepreneurs, and aim to encourage entrepreneurs to learn from experience and initiate exciting new ventures.

For further information, please get in touch with:

Thorsten Kliewe
Dissemination Management
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