RESTART is back - building on success of RESTART Entrepreneurship, our new generation follow-up project aims to support the community champions, who can drive the development in their communities!

What do we aim to achieve?

In Restart+ Communities we work together to create innovative learning tools and resources which equip leaders of community groups, public authorities and educational institutions with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt a transformative approach to community reactivation.

Who can benefit from our work?

RESTART+ Communities is for you if you are:
  • an aspiring community leader, who wants to bring about change to your peers but needs additional training;
  • a policy maker, who envisions a synergy in the efforts to reinvigorate the community through strengthening regional alliances for community growth;
  • a VET provider, who is passionate about helping your community leaders develop themselves through open education resources.

  • Four RESTART+ Communities, four stakeholder groups

    A primary feature of the project is the creation of Four RESTART+ communities; in Ireland, in Northern Ireland, one in Portugal, and in Romania. Through each of these alliances, we aim to bring together different stakeholder groups to undertake teaching and learning activities and develop the community leadership skills of tomorrow.

    We truly believe that only together we can reach a wide impact and improve lives in our communities! If you agree, then get on-board with RESTART+ Communities! Sign up to our newsletter, stay up-to-date, and be ready when the first materials are released!

    Interested in the first Restart Entrepreneurship project and its outputs?

    Visit the Restart Entrepreneurship Platform/

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