Collaborating to rejuvenate the communities

Our partnership consists of six organizations from four countries, each with a direct interest in using the project’s output to further their work within their communities. Drawn from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, each partner brings valuable knowledge and networks which will contribute to the project aims.

The project is led and managed by Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT).LYIT is a lively and inspirational education hub that attracts a creative mix of 300 staff and 3,500 students from the peripheral North West region and further afield. With modern integrated campuses in Letterkenny and Killybegs , the college has an ambitious and progressive ethos, and has expanded the course curriculum to offer over 100 Educational programmes across its 4 Schools of Business, Tourism, Engineering and Science, many up to Masters Level. All programmes are designed to combine academic theory with practical skills in order to prepare students for the world of work and lifelong learning. Many programmes have been developed in conjunction with industry which makes LYIT graduates very attractive to employers. The Institute was voted amongst the top 2 Institutes of Technologies in Ireland in a national survey.
Momentum is also one of Ireland’s leading regional and community development specialists providing support and training to wide network of community and regional development organisations including Leitrim County Council, Galway County Council and Roscommon Leader Partnership to name a few. A VET organisation, it is focused on developing progressive learning programmes and platforms for education, community and enterprise organisations, with special focus on developing support structures for socio economically challenged regions. Working with these groups, Momentum has been instrumental in the development of over 20 regional and community development and regeneration plans in Ireland.
Established in 1989 as the local enterprise agency for Banbridge District, Banbridge District Enterprises Limited (BDEL) is a non-profit-taking organisation with the goal of promoting enterprise development in the region through; the creation of an enterprise culture, the provision of training, advice, and support, and the provision of financial aid, ultimately creating an innovative enterprise centre & client base. BDEL is dedicated to the generation and development of economic wealth in the local region that is constituted as a large rural populations, entrenched unemployment levels especially among youth, declining manufacturing and high out-commuting. Its mission is 'to support the development of business and enterprise through a partnership approach between the public, private and voluntary sectors" and on a daily basis it promotes enterprise development in the region through the creation of an enterprise culture, the provision of training, advice and guidance, and the provision of financial aid and other concrete supports.
NERDA, the North-East Regional Development Agency, has 17 years experience in regional development in Romania and works on programmes and strategies to increase the residence and impact of sustainable partnerships, economic growth, development of human resources and entrepreneurial attitude of their region. Since 1999, NERDA has been responsible for the coordination of North East Regional Development Strategy and the implementation of more than 500 projects financed through the Social and Economic Cohesion Program PHARE, Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2007-2013 and 2014-2020, Economic Growth and Competitivity Regional Operational Sector Program (POSCCE).
The Municipality of Lousada is a Portuguese local public administration serving a population of 50.000 inhabitants distributed across 25 districts. The Municipality belongs to the district of Porto and has a catchment of 95 Km2. It works to achieve sustainable development, to promote and boost the economic, social, environmental and cultural performance of the area, and to optimize the use of available resources and strive for a public administration capable of responding to the growth objectives of the council and the needs of its citizens. The Municipality mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, in local, regional and national levels, through measures and programs in various areas of their competence, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services.
European E-learning Institute (EUEI) specialises in the creation of powerful online platforms, immersive educational environments and provision of resources and tools to create truly valuable learning experiences. EUEI was founded on the concept of 'continuing education'; a post-secondary education programme that provides further enrichment to learners in a wide range of sectors, covering topics that are professional and/or personal. As an organisation, EUEI places tremendous worth on the informal and flexible nature of continuing education and crafting flexible, online learning courses for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead in their careers and in business. Building inclusive and resilient communities is also a key goal of the organisation.
Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the University Industry Innovation Network’s (UIIN) mission is to exploit the full value of collaboration and cooperation, ultimately making an impact to academia, business and society. UIIN was founded in 2012 and is a dynamic network of academics, practitioners and business professionals focused on establishing and improving relationships between education and industry. With more than 200 members from 25+ countries, UIIN has advanced to a leading European network dedicated to fostering support structures for university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation. UIIN aims to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for academics, practitioners and business professionals who are passionate about advancing university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation.

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