RESTART Alliance Portugal

Southern European Alliance

Driven by Municipio de Lousada, a RESTART+ Alliance is going to be created in Portugal.

The mission of the Regional Alliance is to develop mechanisms for sustainable collaboration between community leaders and stakeholders so that they work together to develop and finance tangible development opportunities for our community and region. The following organisations integrated our collaborative process to further community regeneration:

1 - Business Council of the Tâmega and Sousa

2 - CIM do Tâmega e Sousa

3 - High School of Technology and Management, (ESTG)

4 - ADER-SOUSA - Terras do Sousa Rural Development Association

5 - Tâmega Business Institute (IET)

6 - MOVELTEX - Center for Skills and Incubation of Companies

7 - AEP Business Association of Penafiel

8 - VALSOUSA - Association of Municipalities of Vale do Sousa.

9 - Cooperativa Lousavidas - Crl

10 - Lady of Carmo School

11 - Lousada Group of Schools

12 - Mário Fonseca Group of Schools

13 - Lousada Oeste Group of Schools

14 - Lousada Este Group of Schools

15 - Senior University USALOU

16 - Football Association of Lousada (AFALousada)

17 - Lousada Tennis Atlântico

18 - St. Joseph's College

19 - MODATEX - Center for the Professional Training of the Textile, Clothing, Clothing and Wool Industry

20 - Center for the Professional Training of the Footwear Industry - CFPIC

21 - Center for the Professional Training of Woodworking and Furniture Industries (CFPIMM)

22 - Agrupamento 456 Silvares

23 - Lousada Agricultural Cooperative - COPAGRI

24 - LSD Bookings

25 - Municipality of Lousada

This group of stakeholders are currently working on a concrete Action Plan to be implemented within our region. The Regional Alliance will help to explore viable opportunities from multi-actor investment in shared projects, generate further investment and create a community branding.


For further information, please get in touch with:

Artur Pinto
Alliance Leader (RESTART+ Portugal)

Check the Alliance Action Plan HERE.

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