We make impact by creating tangible outputs

Throughout the project’s lifetime, we will:

  • create a Restart+ Communities’ Toolkit, a practical guide on why and how to set up a Restart + Community Alliance;
  • forge 4 Restart+ Community Alliances that bring together 12 members of our target groups in Ireland, Northern Ireland (UK), Portugal and Romania to be trained as facilitators of transformative regeneration;
  • design Restart + Communities' Self-Assessment Tool that is an online, interactive tool helping participants to assess their community strengths, opportunities and assets, as well as identify individual learning needs;
  • launch Restart + Communities Open Educational Resources that comprise a curriculum, trainers’ guide and toolkit of learning materials and resources for leaders who wish to train themselves or facilitate the training of others;
  • open a Restart + Communities' Online Learning Platform which is a multilingual, interactive portal enabling direct access to educational resources and skills development activities.

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